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Welcome to my blog


Welcome everyone to my blog. It started as “The Bridge” a newsletter, produced for my students and patients. I still produce “The Bridge” and send it out via email, it gives information regarding up and coming events, in the form of new classes, workshops, changes in clinic times or locations, as well as social events, where you can get together with others and have some fun! This Blog is an extension to “The Bridge” allowing for people to enter into positive discussions and share points of view. The tag line on the header to the website “Bridging the gap between your health & fitness” also comes from “The Bridge”. Be positive, proactive, take part.

Acupuncture & Meridian Massage for joint problems

By mingmengv4, Aug 4 2015 06:00AM

The underlying course of each individual’s person’s Joint Pain will differ, understanding the individual pattern of disharmony is the keystone to treatment. To come to an appropriate diagnosis Renzo will take a full case history and will look at your tongue and take your pulse.

The pulse is felt on both wrists and compared at differing places and levels from the wrist crease. The tongue shows variations in colour, shape, size and coating; these give indications as to the internal changes going on within the body. This information is then linked to your unique situation and a treatment is formulated as a result.

As each treatment is uniquely balanced to each person the point’s prescription will vary from person to person and may change from session to session.


Wing Chun training Tuesday & Thursday 7-9 pm

Qi Gong training Wednesday 7.30-9.30 pm & Saturday 10-12 pm

You can contact Renzo or pass on the numbers and email address above, to someone who has expressed interest in treatment; or you could forward this newsletter to people you know

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