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Welcome everyone to my blog. It started as “The Bridge” a newsletter, produced for my students and patients. I still produce “The Bridge” and send it out via email, it gives information regarding up and coming events, in the form of new classes, workshops, changes in clinic times or locations, as well as social events, where you can get together with others and have some fun! This Blog is an extension to “The Bridge” allowing for people to enter into positive discussions and share points of view. The tag line on the header to the website “Bridging the gap between your health & fitness” also comes from “The Bridge”. Be positive, proactive, take part.

Happy new year!!!!!!!

By mingmengv4, Jan 4 2016 06:50AM

I will be running Wing Chun Kung Fu and Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong training sessions for all who wish to do a little more exercise than they have been doing over the festive season. You can go to my website (address above) for times of classes.

Bromley Adult Education College now have two Qi Gong sessions one starting 13 Jan 2016 for 9 weeks Wed 19:30-21:30 at Kentwood & one starting 26 Jan 2016 for 6 weeks on Tue 12:30-14:30 also at Kentwood. Just go to and go to courses to book your place. Sign up now otherwise these classes will be lost!

Dr Tan, Master of Acupuncture.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3, like the line from the song Dr Tan’s Balance Acupuncture is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Find the “sick” meridian, find its balancing meridian and treat that meridian! It has made my acupuncture treatments very, very effective and accurate.

Unfortunately Dr Tan (Photo Above) passed away over the Christmas period, leaving a big hole in the acupuncture world. I was lucky enough to attend Dr Tan’s workshops and have used his system ever since. It works well, very well and I hope to be using his methods for years to come.

Dr Tan, one of the people who improved my practice & my training.

According to Dr Tan there are only two reasons where acupuncture won’t work, the first is if there is too much physical damage, were the tissue is far too weak for recovery, the second is were after treatment the clients don’t give themselves any rest before returning to work. This is usually related to heavy or repetitive work which leads to repetitive strain injury (RSI). Apart from that acupuncture works!

Internal / External

People are usually attracted to either physical forms of exercise like boxing, jogging or squash or by what seems like passive forms of exercise, such as yoga, Qi Gong or TaiJi. External systems work on lots of physical energy being expended, with internal systems the object is to generate and store power.

One of the problems in only doing one type of exercise is that External system can make you tiered and when small injuries occur people don’t give themselves time to heal leading to possibly more serious problems later on and with Internal systems people don’t move around enough thinking that they will spontaneously get fit. Luckily in Chinese systems due to Yin (Internal) Yang (External) harmony both types of exercise are chattered for. To be rounded in Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong or Wing Chun there are meditative, more passive training methods as well as more active and interactive methods of training. If you have been attracted by one aspect of these systems, don’t discount or shy away from the other aspect of the system, both parts are needed to develop within the systems and each aspect will enhance the bit that attracted you initially. Happy training.

AND Happy new year!

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