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Welcome everyone to my blog. It started as “The Bridge” a newsletter, produced for my students and patients. I still produce “The Bridge” and send it out via email, it gives information regarding up and coming events, in the form of new classes, workshops, changes in clinic times or locations, as well as social events, where you can get together with others and have some fun! This Blog is an extension to “The Bridge” allowing for people to enter into positive discussions and share points of view. The tag line on the header to the website “Bridging the gap between your health & fitness” also comes from “The Bridge”. Be positive, proactive, take part.

I was asked this week “How do the Channels (Meridians) connect with each other”?

By mingmengv4, Oct 21 2016 03:30PM

The best way to think about the Channels is to think of the London Underground system. Different lines connecting different parts of London with each other. With each station along those lines being the equivalent to acupuncture points. Some stations have a little more importance as they may have specific areas of significance, some stations may be an interchange to one or more other lines, or some may have wheel chair access etc. This is broadly how the Channels work. The London Underground has many more interconnecting tunnels and walkways which we never see nor use; the Channel pathways are the same. The network is much bigger than what is overtly used in treatments or in Qi Gong practice.

To help you in class it would be good to bear in mind that your arms and legs share Channels, think of each finger being connect to its equivalent toe via channels which run up the front and down the back of the body. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT BIT!!!!!! When you look at books on Chinese Medicine the Channels don’t link up to the toes as I’ve just stated, but the general idea is that the Channels run up the front and down the back of the body.

If people want things explained at a slightly deeper level a good book to buy is Oceans of Streams, where you can colour in the Channels and get an understanding of where they run and how they connect. You can get it on Amazon. A slight word of caution this book was written for Shiatsu trainees, Shiatsu comes from Japan and they have an extended meridian system, so if you buy the book you only need to colour in the traditional Channels not the extended meridians. Alternatively you can go on line and key in Acupuncture Channel Pathways or Youtube the same.

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