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Welcome everyone to my blog. It started as “The Bridge” a newsletter, produced for my students and patients. I still produce “The Bridge” and send it out via email, it gives information regarding up and coming events, in the form of new classes, workshops, changes in clinic times or locations, as well as social events, where you can get together with others and have some fun! This Blog is an extension to “The Bridge” allowing for people to enter into positive discussions and share points of view. The tag line on the header to the website “Bridging the gap between your health & fitness” also comes from “The Bridge”. Be positive, proactive, take part.

What went on in Feb and about to happen!

By mingmengv4, Feb 29 2016 12:44PM

Chinese New Year Celebrations

with Wing Chun & Qi Gong Students.

A good meal was had by all on Saturday 13th Feb at our boundless lunch. Good Food, Good People.

Picture Below

New Qi Gong Class

Bromley Adult Education College Kentwood Centre from 13th April – 29th June

7.30 – 9.30pm

Visit their Website:

Looking for Hall’s

Those of you in Bromley will probably know that Bromley Adult Education College is going through a re-organisation. This means that the courses I run will no longer be offered by the college as of the end of June 2016. I have been looking for suitable places to run classes but have come up with lots of premises; which are full! If you know of a locations do let me know. I am open to locations within a bus ride from Penge, in case my car conks out and need to use public transport at the last minute. This has happened to me in the past and I ended up not making it to class, something I don’t really like doing.

Seasonal Allergies

This is the time of year when people should start thinking about seasonal allergies; also called “Allergic rhinitis” which affects between 10-40% of the population worldwide, and can have a substantial health and economic impact.

Seasonal Allergies can cause various symptoms, including sneezing, nasal itching, nasal blockage, and watery nasal discharge.

Other symptoms include red eyes, itchy eyes, tearing, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, systemic symptoms such as tiredness, fever, pressure sensation in the head, and itchiness.

The aim of conventional treatments for hay fever is to minimise or eliminate symptoms, With Balance Acupuncture; a specific Balance Method is used to rebalance your whole system, strengthening your body to withstand the distinct discomfort brought about by Seasonal Allergies.

Acupuncture awareness week

7–13 March 2016

Focuses on

Muscular Skeletal Pain

(Joint & Muscle Pain)

Rebecca Adlington

Picture below

Olympic gold medal winner used traditional acupuncture to help with a shoulder injury, supports Acupuncture Awareness Week.

If you know of anyone who has muscle or joint pain, let them know of the effectiveness of Acupuncture.

Reducing inflammation, improving muscle healing and mobility

Musculoskeletal acupuncture helps muscle and tissue repair in the case of sports injuries, whiplash and tendonitis.

Acupuncture for back pain: Back pain is a common problem that affects most people at some point in their life. The pain can be triggered by bad posture, bending awkwardly, lifting incorrectly, overstretching or overuse, for example through sport or repetitive movements, leading to muscle strain which is the most common cause of non-specific back pain. Acupuncture provides pain relief and acts to release the areas where muscles are too tight and support or tone those that are weakened by disuse. The result is the muscles of the back revert to normal function and are better able to cope with our normal daily activities.

Acupuncture is recommended in the National Institute for Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines as an effective treatment for chronic lower back pain.

Acupuncture for sciatica: The sciatic nerve is frequently subject to irritation in two areas: first, at the roots of nerves leaving the spine at its base, and second, in the hip area where the sciatic nerve passes through a key structural balance point. Whether the inflammation results from deep spinal structures in the lower back pinching the nerve roots, or from deep rotator muscles of the hip, squeezing the nerve itself, and symptoms can arise down the nerve pathway, from hip to foot. Acupuncture is effective in the treatment of this common disorder by releasing the structural restriction in the form of tight muscular patterns and reducing inflammation.

Acupuncture for tendonitis: Generally, tendonitis develops when the stresses on a tendon overwhelm the body’s repair mechanisms. Any activity performed frequently with poor body mechanics will place stress on some structural weak link, often a tendon. Acupuncture can help manage the pain of tendonitis and decrease inflammation of the tendon, easing movement restrictions to allow for a smoother, easier recovery.

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