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Renzo Tat Acupuncturist


How many sessions will be needed?


That depends on your distinct situation. Initially Renzo will ask to see you once or twice a week. You may start to feel the benefit after the first or second treatment although long-standing and chronic conditions usually need more time to improve. Once your health has stabilised you may need top-up treatments every few weeks. Traditional acupuncture and meridian massage are also very effective when used as a preventative healthcare measure, many people like to go for a “retune” session at the change of season throughout the year.

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Treatment Process


Patient needs to keep in mind:


•Chronic problems will generally need more sessions

•Chronic problems due to repetitive strain injury will need ongoing treatment due to re-aggravating the problem area.


Structural Problems

•If the structure is too compromised then treatment will improve symptoms, however will not be able to full rectify the situation.



•Sessions need to be close together to gain cumulative effect. A little like taking a course of medicine from your doctor.

•The further apart sessions are the less cumulative effect is obtained, therefore more time will be needed.

•Each treatment will be customised to the individual.

•Treatments will be evaluated and restructured if necessary.



•Needs to commit! It’s your body and you need to be proactive.

•Needs to make time to incorporate treatments into their schedule.